• curious art form

  • Artflava is a celebration of consumerism

  • colourful, energetic and engaging,

Making the world more colourful, energetic and engaging, one wall at a time.

It started with an idea….Artflava is a brand created by Melbourne based artist Chris Marie –

His vision was to combine fine art, design and digital technologies….creating what he calls Flava art – ‘The word FLAVA perfectly incapsulated my ideas and creations’.

Art is personal, the ability to grasp the fundamentals and brave enough to break those boundaries.

Of course, there’s art that is just purely beautiful …..l get it, there’s also art that makes the viewer feel uncomfortable or at least ask a question.

That’s where l want to be.

Art has always been a critical part of me and my world.

My natural gravitation to creativity, l also see art as my platform for change and expression.

Art is a great conversation starter and a natural force for new possibilities.

The energy of the young is where l want to stay…

l create as of a young artist, hungry – bringing new energy with the focus on new possibilities.

Artflava is the manifestation of my past, present and future….Chris Marie

ArtFlava Haus Gallery Coming Soon

We are super excited as the Artflava Gallery is currently at the building stage in San Remo Victoria.
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