Artist - Chris Marie

I always had the love for Art and would doodle anywhere l had the chance to.
As a youngster I would doodle on my desk, my wall in my room, carving out a design on a tree, the feeling of expressing myself through Art is like no other feeling. Art was my partner, my friend, a way to communicate my deepest feelings….but strangely l moved away from it.I decided to take the commercial path of Graphic design. It paid the bills and at the same time fueled my passion for creativity. Design disciplines help me understand colour, composition and balance.
The appreciation of the power of the brand made me realise the psychology aspect of art.The computer also helped quickly develop advertising campaigns covering, print media to the online space. Time quickly past on and l was gravitating back towards the force of The Visual Arts…..

An idea was born and in 2014 l opened ART FLAVA, an Art & Design Gallery now based in Beaumaris.

With my background in Graphic Design, my idea to combine fine art methods with graphical digital application created a new style l call ‘Fusion Art’ – The fusion or blending of styles.

My style is bold in colour and heavily focused on design with accents of branding connections. New techniques can be explored with the assistance of digital technologies. Thought provoking compositions, modern expressionism, pop overtones and a sense of urban funky strokes are apparent in my art.