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  • The story in brief

    Artflava is the post-modern creation of Melbourne born forever individual artist Chris Marie.

New location to enjoy

The new Artflava presence will be in the classic Victorian town of San Remo.

Just as the gateway town of San Remo plays the unique role of ushering you onto
Phillip Island, so Artflava will usher you into a new experience with artwork that is
so modern it seemingly goes on forever.

The new Artflava gallery will be an airbnb format for all to enjoy and is currently under construction right now and will be welcoming you late in 2022.

Of course, this new gallery will feature fetching landscapes and
compositions with vibrant colours from the much-loved local San Remo area.

Essentially, Artflava is a celebration of consumerism through subtlety and images that take you away. It’s contemporary art with an audience that embraces every colour, every nuance.

ArtFlava Haus Gallery Coming Soon

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