Artflava is a celebration of consumerism through subtlety and images that take you away

It’s contemporary art with an audience that embraces every colour, every nuance.

If you are looking for iconic modern art look no further

The story of Artflava goes back to 2015.

That’s the year free-flowing artist Chris Marie launched his stunning yet always-curious art form. It continually grabs people who are looking for something different yet something strong and colourful

Modern, out-there creations and innovations

Artflava is a distinctive range of alluring avant-garde art that holds you then and there.

  • Making the world
    more colourful, energetic
    and engaging,
    one wall at a time.

Life and day-to-day experience is the base for Chris Marie’s experimentation and natural evolution as an artist. And “bursting with colour” could be his signature.

“My approach stems from my 25 years in commercial design merged together with traditional fine art tools,” says Chris. “The pandemic allowed extra time for thinking and posing new questions and in my case led to the relaunch of Artflava with pieces that are inspired by my life and other influential artists are all showcased here. Artworks inspired by pop culture, I am very proud of.”

Art from questions

Chris is passionate about inviting you into his world of the curious, the real, the eccentric, the off kilter.

Always with striking contrasts and arresting concepts that are at once delicate and outlandish.

“My work is often autobiographical, and before I start, I ask questions in the hope that the questions will put me
on track for creating something new and meaningful and engaging for all.” Chris Marie

The manifestation through thought is a divine energy and is the rebirth of Artflava

Essentially, the Artflava story is the story of Chris Marie.

This is a story of a delicate merging of fine art and the commercial art world.
And within that story is a generous serving of music, fashion, urban culture and an undying love of basketball.

Plus, everything that’s real about everyday life in the 21st century.

Artflava consists of some pieces that are controversial, some are deeply meaningful visuals and some are simply
beautiful pieces of work. Increasingly during 2022, what you can expect is more large-scaled work that will take your breath away.

That includes super-sized murals featuring materials that Chris loves to use: steel, concreate and acrylic.

ArtFlava Haus Gallery Coming Soon

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